New start-up offers simplified diagnostic procedures through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A small start-up company, DiagnostiX promises a smarter way to reach diagnostic conclusions using their patented diagnostic software, blood testing device, and digital medical records. These components work together with a patient’s medical history, physical examination, symptomatology, and (if necessary) blood sample to cut down on diagnostic downtimes. Following its initial use, highly accurate diagnoses can be reached in less than a half hour for simple illnesses.

One important aspect of the package is its utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, which strengthens diagnostic accuracy with continual use. The system is capable of differentiating between different age groups, and greater exposure to specific patient data allows the software to familiarize itself with each individual and perfect its diagnostic capabilities. This combination of AI and machine learning render the software invaluable. Whether the algorithm is used in conjunction with DX’s own testing device or through collaboration with an alternative device, its implementation will simplify the diagnostic process.

The product functions by having a doctor input patient data including age, gender, and other medically relevant factors. The algorithm then scours extensive global databases to produce five possible diagnoses listed in order of percentual likelihood from approximately 95% to 75%. This process is automated with remote back-end applications to produce real time results notifications. From this results list, the doctor can then make her final conclusions about the patient’s condition and suggest the best medication or course of treatment for her patient.

Not only will this process save doctors up to half an hour on patient visits, but DiagnostiX’s technology also creates a universal digital patient record. This record will be globally accessible to partnered facilities and care providers who may treat the patient instead of his primary care physician. The company seeks not to replace doctors, but rather to enhance their diagnostic procedures by quickly producing accurate results. This system facilitates better comprehensive patient care, allows doctors to increase their daily patient load, and seeks to create seamless testing kits for hospitals.

With the pandemic outbreak this year, the timing for DX Medical Solutions’ product could not be better. Now that the world coexists with this threatening virus, rapid diagnoses will be a key factor in ensuring that doctors have the ability to discount irrelevant illnesses and arrive at the correct medical conclusions faster than ever. This in turn will provide patients with timely and appropriate care. The target patients the product seeks to serve are anywhere from fourteen to ninety years of age who may have complicated health issues or who may need secondary examinations.

By giving patients rapid, comprehensive results, people will be better able to manage existing and new health conditions for themselves and their loved ones. Not only will they have to spend less time at a doctor’s office, but their treatment plans can be developed much sooner. This is imperative in situations where time plays a major factor in the quality and possibility of recuperation or the minimization of conditional deterioration. Put simply, DiagnostiX has the potential to make waves in the medical wellbeing of the global society.

The company will be licensing the unique software across seven continents. The initial target markets are small and mid-sized hospitals, which will allow them to see on average 25% to 30% more patients per doctor. Each unit is able to service five doctors per department and initially, these departments will be otorhinolaryngology and gastroenterology. Once it collects enough clinical data to reinforce its efficacy, it will expand its reach to larger hospitals and medical facilities.

DX Medical Solutions boasts a strong competitive advantage. This begins with a selected team of experienced developers and medical experts who have helped to create a strong, exit-oriented strategy. This means that the company has a more aggressive approach to ensuring its product is highly effective. Besides this, the user interface will be clean and simple, avoiding confusing layouts. The software is written in a way that forecasts the possibility of scaling up to larger hospitals without the need for more capital or developers, and the solution proposed by DiagnostiX is unlike any other on the current market.

Based in the Netherlands, DX Medical Solutions was founded in November 2019 and is led by Founder & CEO Giuliano Senese. With more than ten years of start-up experience, he has proven to be a strong entrepreneur with sales of over 70 million USD. Some of his better-known startups include World Poker Tour, the first poker application in the launched on a mobile platform. Giuliano’s most recent exit was in July 2019 with the sale of Time Table, an application he launched in 2017 which helped restaurants to generate up to 17% more revenue per week. Both of these products used AI and machine learning to help their clients and have seen fantastic success.

The start-up has already been successful in gathering interest for its product. It has drawn partnerships with companies like AWS, AxiomTek, and Bindingsite, to name a few, and has piqued the interest of venture capitalists. In addition to this, DiagnostiX has recently signed a deal with the Dutch government, in which 20 hospitals have committed to implementing the diagnostics package on a case-study basis. DX Medical Solutions plans to launch in Italy near the end of September, and in the long term, break into the United States market.